Blue Bear

Blue Bear is the star on the stage with the responsibility to hunt as the tip of the spear. Blue Bear is for blue skies as there are no problems in this world, only solutions to ideas. Blue Bear believes in everyone along with a future that involves people from all aspects of life and corners of the world engaging together.

Blue Bear is culture meaning the seat at the head of the table. All bears that exist now and in the future are at the will of Blue Bear. To the ecosystem and its future, culture is everything with the business and the giving program simply a piece of Blue Bear. If Green Bear is the mind and Gold Bear is the body, then Blue Bear is the soul.

Blue Bear is the connected consciousness and the piece created to see further into the future. The ultimate guide to the ecosystem with receipts in hand for the complete past, present, and future. No one lifts a paw without Blue Bear saying so. Green Bear has restraints to being corporate and Gold Bear has restraints to the giving program, but Blue Bear has none.

Blue Bear’s dream is for a future that unites a culture of good. This culture involves business, charity, but most important is a collection of individuals that choose to engage. Some will find the light through the balance sheet and some will find it through helping, but the light will come through. It is only going to get brighter and Blue Bear brought shades.

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