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Welcome to BuildMarker

We are a family of apps communicating residential construction progress to buyers, builders, and those most connected. Our product is speed and trust.


The pre-construction customer (B2C) is the most underutilized asset of the builder, with even greater emphasis during a slowing sales market, as leads and prospects carry greater worth.

When actively having a home built, the customer’s appetite for information about the build is insatiable, as a new home is typically a family’s most prominent investment and should be celebrated to the benefit of all.

The residential construction industry can take advantage of several benefits by syncing with the present. Industry professionals (B2B) benefit from faster access to information around their related builds through 24/7 on-demand information.

Roles from investment to construction to sales to service will benefit from an app-based tool that coordinates a builder’s connected world faster than ever, with complimentary sharing statistics on every Admin user’s Dashboard.

Our Apps


Web App
Field App


Customer App
Stakeholder App

Web App users

(Command Central)- Builder, Listing Broker/Agent, and Source of Capital

Field App users

(Inputs)- Superintendent, Asst. Superintendent, Onsite Agent, and Office

Customer App user

(B2C)- Home Buyer (or end recipient)

Stakeholder App users

(B2B)- Builder Leadership, Builder Operations, Builder Sales, Investors, Lenders, Listing RE Agent/Broker, Buyers RE Agent, Mortgage Broker, and more



Follow active builds through a weighted, percentage-based cycle of milestones that will frame and communicate the presence of one or many active builds for invited users.

Guided Experience

By bringing together the build cycles with the multiple roles that directly engage new construction, BuildMarker has created an original app-based experience.

Borderless Geography

Control the point of progress to instantly reach users in different cities, states, and countries or simply down the hall through the iOS & Android App Stores.

Prime Shares

The total number of Percentage Updates shares and Photos shares across the three apps are interpreted as a single number on the Web App's Dashboard.

Shareable Content

Follow the sharing of build updates and photos by users across connected channels to understand how the present is being actively communicated.

BuildMarker Demos

Why BuildMarker?

For Builders

We aim to assist builders as they compete for prospects, price points, and profits in every scenario, from a lone teardown to a division of a Master Planned Community.

From the recruitment of capital to active construction to home sales to customer service, all benefit directly from faster communication of the present.

For Stakeholders

Our objective is for new construction real estate brokerages to list homes for builders with an inherent sales advantage offering construction transparency to prospective buyers.

Our second objective for stakeholders is to empower a borderless community of investors that can now actively follow their build feeds in a single click, giving them an inherent advantage.

For Home Buyers

Our desired reality is for customers to open an app on their phones, instantly see their new home's present status, and share this excitement with their world. We intend for people to share build photos and updates privately and on social media through content designed to capture their new build excitement.

Just as an investor in the stock market can see the status of their portfolio on demand, so now can an investor in real estate see their capital's progression throughout construction from anywhere.

For Internal Users

The direct users are builders, listing brokerages/agents, and sources of capital but primarily builders. With a single click, an organization can now see its entire operational risk of active builds in any geography or construction silo.

Transparency for internal users and operators will be reflected in multiple places on the direct user's profit & loss statement, keyed by more incredible speed and clarity.

For External Users

The indirect users are pre-completion customers and any other user that the direct user provides access to their build(s) through the stakeholder categorization.

For the new home customer, our efforts are about creating a mobile experience that allows transparency throughout the build cycle, including the ability to celebrate progress.



We offer only one paid subscription inside our paid platform, so everything needs to be learned once to succeed. After Purchase, an account representative will be assigned and introduce themselves within the day.

Our self-service FAQ center and app-based feedback channels allow us to evolve our overall user-based assistance while addressing present users’ concerns and questions.


Once prepared, click Purchase to set up a base account to receive login credentials.

BuildMarker will also reach out after Purchase to assist through an onboarding conversation that covers areas such as setup tips & tricks, roles/users/emails, build photos, construction status, and the weighted milestone template.


Project management software communicates with a builder as a manufacturer through the language of budgets and schedules, where something is projected or estimated to be in the future. BuildMarker wants to help our direct users better compete for prospects, price points, and profits in the present. This is done by creating construction transparency to showcase where a build is currently, with the entirety of our focus on providing just one exceptional service.

An update moves across the direct user’s connected network at the speed of the cloud. For example, a lumber drop is delivered at the job site before clicking to begin the framing milestone. As the framing milestone is updated, that information instantly becomes available worldwide across the connected family of apps.

An Admin user can add as many users as they wish across the Field and Stakeholder but only one for the Customer. The apps are available through the iOS & Android App Stores, with users sent invitations after being added by the Admin user. This allows borderless updates and communication across a build’s Field, Customer, and Stakeholder users.

Imagine that there are two sides to the building curtain between the manufacturing of a home and the sale of a home. The residential construction industry speaks a schedule-based acronym-laden language, while those who work elsewhere from the job site do not. However, both sides of the curtain already say and understand percentages offering an olive branch to communication.

When a builder offers prospective home buyers the experience of following their new construction build in the present through their phones. It not only establishes modern-day trust but places that builder’s competitors on the defensive as now they will have to answer why they do not offer construction transparency on their builds to their customers.

BuildMarker has decided to begin by creating exceptional user value in a closed environment before considering integrations with external applications. Additionally, BuildMarker does not sell user data to outside third parties or intends ever to conduct such activity.

About BuildMarker

BuildMarker Corp is a Delaware-registered corporation with headquarters in the Pacific Northwest.

Our charitable efforts include quarterly donations to the National Forest Foundation to plant trees in our national parks and annually to The Cool Effect to offset our related carbon footprint operating under a minimal waste mentality behind cloud-centric operations.

Pricing Plan

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Monthly Subscription Plus Tax

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